Corporate Social Responsibility

At Efios we want to go beyond the mandatory and regulatory, and seek to invest in social programs and local initiatives, and by doing that, make a positive impact on our environment.


During the 2020-2021 season, Efios took up the sponsoring of no less than four selection teams of the local soccer club doubling the number of teams. In the picture, the U9-1, U9-2, U10-1 and U11-2 teams. The sponsoring deal was discussed over the preseason and in September 2020, right at the start of the season, this photo was taken of all four teams together. See also the Efios news item on this with further links to the Roda’46 website.

In the previous years, Efios has been sponsoring and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Erik van Bekkum of Efios has also been providing coaching leadership to junior teams since 2017. Shown here is the U8 selection team of the 2019-2020 season.


Economic support to orphanages to improve housing conditions. Efios is supporting with a financial donation the initiative of a non for profit organisation “Kindertehuizen Polen” which helps to improve the living condition sof abandoned, abused and handicapped young children in Poland (May 2004).

Latin America

Leadership Programs for women and girls in disadvantageous positions; through schooling, eductiation and work programs provide positive leadership and create social and economic opportunities. The support of Efios is done through the Alimenta el Cambio foundation and has been ongoing since 2010.