Our projects

Selected projects since 2002

  • Metro Amsterdam M7 S&C
    Supervise the Signaling and Control (S&C) part of the new metro rolling stock for the Amsterdam metro network, the CAF M7 (2020).
  • ERTMS-NL & ProRail – Test Track Amersfoort
    Project Manage and responsible for the specification, design, procurement and operatea test track facility in Amersfoort where users of the railway sector can perform testing, operational trials, proof-of-concept and product innovation. The track, which is currently in use, will be decommissioned and subsequently equipped with state of the art track, catenary and sensoring equipment as well as modern ERTMS infrastructure and ICT systems. The test track is part of the ProRail innovation facility portfolio (2019-2020)
  • ERTMS-NL & ProRail – ERTMS Shunting indicator
    Using design thinking methodology, create, prototype and test several options for the shunting indicator allowing train operators to shunt more effectively and safe when under ERTMS L2 (2019-2020). The current technology and processes are limited, making a shunting indicator necessary to perform operations (propelled or not) under ERTMS L2 in SH mode.
  • NS – QHSE Human Factors.EyeTrackers as used in the Human-in-the-Loop experiment for DAS.Train operating companies like NS are introducing driver advisory systems (DAS) which can be handheld or embedded in the drivers desk. The project aims at setting up and executing a scientific research program which should inform NS about whether these DAS actually provide a too high mental workload for the train driver causing distraction, and potentially have safety implications (2018-2019)
  • NS – ORBIT. Like many train operating companies, NS aims to reduce the number of unintentional red-signal passings or SPADs. For years the number of SPADs have decreased in the Netherlands railway sector through the introduction of various programs. NS aims to have even further reduction by developing, introducing and optimising a driver warning system when the train approaches a red signal with excessive speed. This system, based on complex input from the trackside and geolocation, should avoid SPADs when drivers are distracted. Efios was asked to lead the NS part of this program (2015-2019), which is executed in close collaboration with ProRail.ORBIT Connectivity and geoposition field test at Amersfoort signal 200.
  • ERTMS Programme – NL.ERTMS Academy training simulator.The ERTMS Programme is responsible in the Netherlands for the national ERTMS rollout for the timeframe 2014-2028. The programme is a partnership between the Ministery of Public Works (IenM), NS Reizigers and ProRail. Efios was asked to manage The job various projects, including the foundation of an independent separate (legal) entity for the ERTMS Academy which has spawn off the ERTMS Pilot, which combines political ambition with a legal and financial framework for the next years to come.  (see also: our ERTMS page)
  • ERTMS Programme – NL and NS. Efios was asked to manage a proof of concept project for novel technologies including third generation Doppler Radar & odometry precision and optical (LiDar) speed acquisition to increase the reliability of NS fleet when trains will be equipped with ERTMS. The installations have been mounted on a TRAXX locomotive to generate data, which was subsequently analysed by NS and the relevant suppliers. Similar projects for cold movement detection and the usage of acceleration sensors where initiated, but never became a viable empiric proof of concept. (see also: our ERTMS page)3rd Generation Doppler Radar in TRAXX PoC setup.
  • Metro Noord-Zuid Lijn. The Noord-Zuid Lijn along with the upgrade of the existing metro network in Amsterdam is one of the largest public transport infrastructure projects in The Netherlands, with a cost over over 3 billion Euros. With the (then) planned start of commercial operation at the end of 2016, the Dienst Metro asked to come up with a Test- en Proefbedrijf (Test and Precommercial Operation) vision and strategy. In the end, the line was put into service in the summer of 2018.
  • ERTMS Pilot Amsterdam-Utrecht. Manage the entire testing program from 2013-2014 including supervision of commercial operation of the ERTMS Pilot Amsterdam-Utrecht. The project management work also includes driver training at the ERTMS Academy in Amersfoort, the management of rolling stock and oversight of the operational procedures. This Pilot program is endorsed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment in The Netherlands, and aims to seek operational knowledge and empirical evidence to support the decision-making for nationwide ERTMS rollout (so-called RailMap). The ERTMS Pilot Program is managed on behalf of the Ministry by Infrastructure Manager ProRail and the largest passenger operator NS Reizigers; other participating operators include freight operators and NS HiSpeed with ICE3.Unlike the suggestion in the Pilot name, the entire program is mainly aimed at operation of ERTMS L2 alongside the legacy system NS’54 (ATB), which are both active on the section Amsterdam-Utrecht. This concept is called Dual Signaling. (see also: our ERTMS page)NS – SLT2611 at the depot for installation of additional ETCS monitoring software.
  •  Fyra V250. Leading Test Management and setup and manage the entire test program on behalf of the Train Operator NS International in preparation for commercial operation for domestic and international routes. Supported the operator towards the rolling stock manufacturer by aiding their test program, during the entire periode between 2009-2013. The Fyra V250 was put into (international and domestic) service for a short period before being retired. The rolling stock is currently in operation in Italy.Three stationary Fyra V250 at the depot in Watergraafsmeer.Sensory measurement equipment in Fyra V250 – 4085.
  • ICE3 ERTMS. Test Management and Test Coordinator for the ICE3M – ETCS/ERTMS Train Track Integration tests on the Amsterdam-Utrecht line, as well preliminary test runs on HSL-Zuid and Hanzelijn, in 2011. (see also: our ERTMS page)
  • VIRM EMC. VIRM is the most common Intercity rolling stock of NS, and was experiencing several immunity and EMC problems back in 2009. Efios was asked by NS to manage and lead and EMC test program with a dedicated VIRM-4, including dynamic test and measurement rides in 2009 and 2010.  Due to the risk assessments, the scale was very lage – entire lines were put out of (overhead catenary) service and crossings were blocked by safety staff.NS – VIRM train set at the yard in Lelystad.
  • HSL-Zuid. Verification and Validation activities for the release of the superstructure and infrastructure elements on behalf of the Ministry of Public Works (2002-2007), together with Infrabel and Belgorail for the cross-border testing. In 2007-2009 the works comprised of  train-track integration tests for the verification of the infrastructure with different EVCs as well as EMC testing – on behalf of the Infrastructure Manager ProRail. The HSL-Zuid infrastructure was put into service in 2009.