With years of experience with complex rail projects, both conventional and high-speed, program management and planning has proven crucial. We support, design and maintain planning schemes for test programs as part of an overall verification and validation program, or as part as a rolling stock commissioning program. These services encompass for example:

  • Planning: project management (PMO) activities for creating a test program and subsequently a test planning; with milestones and deliverables that are based on the external requirements (such as the Safety Authority or contract parties)
  • Capacity Magement: distributing and maintaining the division of the infrastructure capacity of new railway lines in their V&V stage, enabling test activities and construction activities in optimum balance. The capacity management requires interfacing with the test specialists, test managers, other capacity managers of adjacent railway infrastructure and safety management
  • Test Resource Planning: for each of the test programs and for the overall test program design, plan and manage test resources.