Manage the entire testing program from 2013-2014 including supervision of commercial operation of the ERTMS Pilot Amsterdam-Utrecht. The project management work also includes driver training at the ERTMS Academy in Amersfoort, the management of rolling stock and oversight of the operational procedures. This Pilot program is endorsed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment in The Netherlands, and aims to seek operational knowledge and empirical evidence to support the decision-making for nationwide ERTMS rollout (so-called RailMap). The ERTMS Pilot Program is managed on behalf of the Ministry by Infrastructure Manager ProRail and the largest passenger operator NS Reizigers; other participating operators include freight operators and NS HiSpeed with ICE3.

Unlike the suggestion in the Pilot name, the entire program is mainly aimed at operation of ERTMS L2 alongside the legacy system NS’54 (ATB), which are both active on the section Amsterdam-Utrecht. This concept is called Dual Signaling.

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